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Welcome, prisoner, to a new era of The Dark Castle. The Death Knight himself, legendary swordsman and the one they call ‘Lord of Decay’, has risen to prominence. The weak and the mindless flock to his banner, twisted by his dark influence into powerful, feral fanatics. They say he sends curses to crawl into the souls of the weary. Beware the curses, prisoner. Beware the Death Knight…


This Adventure Pack adds new chapters, characters and items to Escape the Dark Castle. It also introduces a new mechanic (Curses!) which brings a little more complexity to the game, and presents a greater challenge. 


1 Boss Card - The Death Knight himself
15 Chapter Cards - Taking you to new areas of The Dark Castle
3 New Characters - Each especially powerful in one trait
3 Character Dice - Representing the skills of each new prisoner
5 Curse Cards - Introducing Curses, terrible afflictions to thwart your progress
1 Cult Dice - Pray you won't need to roll it...

You must have a copy of Escape the Dark Castle to use one of our Adventure Packs, but you can play the chapter cards from each pack as a stand-alone, themed quest. Alternatively, you can mix the new chapter cards into the contents of the main game for even greater variety.

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