Blight of the Plague Lord

On 1st June 2018, Themeborne will be back on Kickstarter.

The new campaign will add three expansions to the Escape the Dark Castle range, along with various add-ons driven by the feedback we've received over the past year from our amazing community of players. Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we reveal all...

Today we are very excited to unveil the second of the new Kickstarter expansions:

Adventure Pack 3: Blight of the Plague Lord

In the most confined, twisting passageways; in the vaulted eaves of the highest towers; in the fetid air drawn sharply into your panicked lungs – there will you find his creation. For he is the Plague Lord, emanator of an all-encompassing evil. A monstrous mass of weeping pustules, it would be his most perverse pleasure to watch as you slowly succumb to the agonising torment of the Black Death...

ETDC-Blight Lord-Cover-3D.jpg


1 New Boss
The Plague Lord, only growing stronger the more infected he becomes

15 New Chapters
The Plague Lord’s deranged followers, and new locations within the Dark Castle

3 New Characters
Versatile new prisoners ready to join the quest

3 Character Dice
Representing the new prisoner’s endowment of skills

5 New Items
Vital new weapons and equipment for prisoners to discover in the depths

1 Plague Dice
Used to control the contraction and spread of this vile disease


New Mechanic – the Plague!
This Adventure Pack introduces a new mechanic to the system – the Plague. As if the horrors, traps, and challenges of the Dark Castle were not already enough to haunt the prisoner’s every waking thought, there is now a new kind of threat to contend with. As they explore the labyrinthine castle passages, players can now encounter Carriers, plague-infected lunatics bent on spreading the disease. Certain interactions with Carriers can cause prisoners to contract, spread, and even succumb entirely to this rampant atrocity, adding a new dimension and weight to the game’s risk-reward decisions.

A copy of Escape the Dark Castle is required to use this set. However, as with all our Adventure Packs, this new content can be played as a standalone, themed adventure or mixed into the base set to increase variety and replay value. Please note that the exact content is subject to change during the Kickstarter campaign. 

Let us know what you think of this new pack, and please help us share this exciting news.

More will be revealed soon!