Tales from the Dark

Tales from the Dark


Immerse yourself into the world of Escape the Dark Caste with this collection of short fiction. Explore its landscapes, meet its inhabitants, and learn to truly fear its horrors over the course of 27 dark, interconnected stories.


12 Character Tales – each an insight into the lives and personalities of the prisoners, and of course the dark events with led to their wrongful incarceration in the depths of the Dark Castle.

14 Boss Legends – offering up what little is known about the vile overlords of the Dark Castle, and how they are each believed to have wrought their despicable paths to power.

‘A Recollection of the Unmapped Passages & Chambers of the Dark Castle – an ancient manuscript penned by a former prisoner of the castle, imparting the secret of a successful escape.

Luxuriously embossed softback, 96 pages.

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